Email From a Friend

Our son, James, was preparing for a trip to D.C. last Wed. night, when he noticed a very odd
smell in his 24th floor apt.  This was around 10:30.

He checked everything he could, when BINGO!  He realized he was smelling SKUNK!! Everyone on his hallway was gathered in the corridor holding their noses!  The all marched downstairs together.  Turns out some really strange father had brought in several animals for his kids to see for Easter!  A skunk among them!

The bldg. called in the ASPCA, or their equivalent, as well as the police. James called us from an Irish pub nearby at 11 his time.  He did manage to get some sleep that night….and on the train, but still hasn’t heard the outcome.  We await the next chapter!

Now if that skunk had only been Smelvis with two scents!
Just had to share this tidbit with you!  
—Janet Berger